Calculating the cost of your services on your web site

On-line calculation and billing services for the period

Easily embeddable widget

Web-based backend for configuring services and tariffs

Tariff settings with flexible terms and conditions

Widget of service calculation

Allow your site visitors do not get lost in the tables with figures. Allow anyone calculate the value of your services right here and now without leaving the site.

  • Easily added to the site pages

  • Flexibly configurable through a convenient web-based interface

  • Supports arbitrary criteria names

  • Support group dependent services

Budget calculation by periods

Your site visitors will be able to clearly see the overall budget for the long-term services you provide with details by periods.

  • Displays the calculation result as a diagram
  • Displays the amount of each service included in the calculation
  • Displaying the conditions that were taken into account in the calculation

Detailed calculation of the cost of services

For those who need precision

calc detail 3

Displays a detailed calculation of services

  • Showing tariff for each service
  • Showing conditions of the fare
  • Showing period of application of the tariff
  • Showing dependencies of services and tariffs in a hierarchical form

Configuring services and tariffs

Web-based backend allow you at any time to reconfigure the widget calculation service for a site to change the rates and conditions of their application.

web interface 3
  • The ability to create multiple service groups

  • The ability to create a hierarchy of dependent services

  • The ability to set arbitrary rules for calculating and charging

Creating tariffs with flexible terms and conditions

Assign individual conditions for different types of clients, special conditions for agents and partners.

  • Create a tariff plan
  • Creating dependent tariff conditions
  • Ability to assign limits, discounts, increments

Automate processing requests of your customers, agents and partners

Do not lose the time to develop – you can use ready-made solution!

How to get started

Send us a request and we will help you

  • register you in our system
  • configure services and tariffs
  • get the widget code to insert to your site
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View a demo

The demo shows the operation of the widget built into a separate page of our website. Sample widget is configured to calculate the cost of the “colocation” services – rack space and related telecommunications services.



Automatic generation of the offer by the results of the calculation without the help of the manager

The system of formation of commercial offers and price lists for agents and partners of the service provider